Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back to School in January,2010

It is so nice to back to Hald after 3 months,on the way back to school, I always dream when we meet again.Yes,that's true cause everyone is missing so much.Hald like a home in Norway,we have more than 80 brothers and sisters,we singing,dancing,talking,playing,even crying together,that is THE FAMILY.

To be honest,everyone here not so much change,just the hair,hehe...all most guys' hair is cutted by themselves.The reason is only one--It is so expensive cutting hair in Norway.3 months are not long but also short time for everyone to experience here,working,living,face a lot of different things everyday,teaching us to think about ourselves,our learning,our belief,our life in Norway and even our country when we back.So,I think God give me more time to grow,to stay with him here,I hope can be changeing everyday,more and more like Jesus.

I missing all the friends from Hald,here in Norway,and living in different countries,from some photos I can see that they are fine and have a good time there,maybe some times they feel lonely,comfuse,even a litter Shock,but I trust God always hold their hands and show his mercy and love to them,so,I don't worry about them,like my mother also say :"I and your father don't worry about you when you outside,not because someone can take care of you,maybe you have many challengers and worries,but God can take good care of you ,we trust him..."

Monday, September 7, 2009

Anna in Norway!

12th Aug, 2009 is a amazing day. Because I come to Norway! That's be Great!

Thanks GOD, Everything here is so wonderful that is GOD' s creation. I am so happy to start new life here. New view, new friends, new food, but same mission.

I love Norway, I want to be a part here-Hald, Mandal, Oslo, Norway.Everything is challenge , everything is possible, course GOD is my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Be strong, and let my heart take courage!